Nora Ligotti’s teachers describe her as dedicated, hard-working, empathic, compassionate, responsible and a born leader. Academically, the eighth-grade student of the year is known for producing excellent and thoughtful work. Throughout each trimester at Adele she has earned a 3.9 or 4.0 GPA and she has exceeded standards on state testing. She is also a dual-immersion student and so has been taking an extra class, Spanish language arts, since sixth grade.

Musicals, talent shows, volleyball and Safe School Ambassadors are some of the ways that Nora participates in the everyday life at Adele Harrison, and she adds value to all of her activities. She is a natural leader and leads by example, showing initiative, thoughtfulness and exhibiting the characteristics of a true “upstander,” say her teachers.

Nora volunteers her excellent bilingual skills at Adele’s events for parents, helping Spanish-speaking parents by translating important information and making them feel welcome. For the past two summers she has volunteered as a junior counselor at the Sonoma Academy of Dance and Arts.

Nora is one of those people whom you meet and instantly like, says the Adele staff.

Camryn Berger’s teachers say that whether you are observing the eighth grader in the classroom or on the volleyball court, you see the same qualities – enthusiastic, hardworking, positive, goal-oriented and exceptionally talented. The Student of the Year has earned a 4.0 every trimester she has been at Adele and exceeded the standards on state testing. Camryn bypassed taking lighter electives for two years in order to take Spanish, showing what a well-rounded and determined student she is, say school officials. Her teachers share that she is a model student and stays positive and upbeat through the most challenging curriculum. On campus, Camryn adds a contagious positive energy. She is always smiling and up for any task or challenge. She represents her school in basketball and volleyball with pride and prowess. She is a pleasure to be around and has a great sense of humor, teachers say.

Camryn has played basketball for two years and led her volleyball teams to two league championships. She is a member of the Ecology Club and doesn’t miss an opportunity to be a part of school fundraisers or canned food drives. She has helped at Pets Lifeline, rang bells for F.I.S.H and joined a creek clean-up. She has also helped coach a girls volleyball team. Through 4-H she has done everything from singing at a retirement community to making blankets for homeless to serving dinners.

Camryn’s love of life is truly contagious and staff adds that SVHS will be very lucky to have her.