Irritated drivers are asked to put up with a few more days of delay as road paving activities will continue throughout the Sonoma Valley next week, and possibly into next month.

Minor delays are anticipated on Arnold Drive, next week, with night work scheduled to begin in October. Daytime delays are also anticipated on Boyes Boulevard, Lovall Valley Road and Fifth Street West, continuing for several weeks.

The Sonoma County Department of Transportation encourages residents to plan accordingly to avoid inconveniences.

“We know that the delays have been frustrating for many people and we appreciate your patience during this construction period,” said 1st District Supervisor Susan Gorin. “It is critical we prioritize these projects during this season of ideal weather for road construction, or else they will need to be delayed further.”

Due to winter storm road damage and other critical road repairs throughout the county, fixes to Sonoma Valley roads have come later in the summer than initially planned. Like all construction, cities and counties have a window for fixing roads, and a large part of this is dependent upon weather, especially overnight conditions.

Temperatures cannot drop below 54 degrees or surfacing material will not set properly, and weather reports project colder nighttime temperatures in the coming days.

Electronic message boards have been placed at key locations to alert drivers to delays. Information about construction and delays can be found at, or on social media at

Adding to the concrete confusion, the City of Sonoma is also conducting road construction and resurfacing projects which further contribute to local delays. Information about City of Sonoma paving projects can be found on the website.