Sonoma Valley police blotter, April 11

A Kenwood woman is being held on numerous felony charges including elder abuse after she reportedly pushed her 72-year-old mother into walls, door jams and the fireplace causing visible injuries in an incident on April 2. The daughter also reportedly took her mother’s cell phone and removed a phone cable from the wall.

Deputies arrested Amy Davis, 43, of Kenwood, on felony false imprisonment, felony elder abuse, felony damaging power lines, damaging a wireless communications device and a probation violation. She was later charged with disobeying a court order after she called a third party to see if the person would ask her mother to drop the charges. Davis is being held on $85,000 bail

In other incidents reported to Valley law enforcement recently:

Saturday, March 22:

4:21 p.m. – An 18-year-old male was charged with shoplifting after reportedly taking a five-finger discount on $8.99 worth of food items from Sonoma Market.

5:16 p.m. – A resident of Bernice Lane reported that when he went to e-file his income taxes, he was informed that somebody had already filed in his name.

5:35 p.m. – Some passersby saw a man pour alcohol into a cup before getting into his car and driving off. Deputies caught up with the man on Highway 12 and Lomita. He told them he was coming from Napa and was headed toward Santa Rosa. On a preliminary alcohol screening (PAS), he registered a .16 and a .14. On a breath test at the police department, he recorded a .16 twice. James F. Helbig, 62, of Santa Rosa, was cited for driving under the influence.

Monday, March 24:

2:10 p.m. – While on patrol in the 900 block of West Napa St., a deputy saw an individual on a bicycle who he knew had outstanding warrants - $250,000 worth of outstanding warrants. When the deputy tried to detain the bicyclist, the man tried to dump a plastic bag of methamphetamine. The 33-year-old El Verano resident was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and his five outstanding warrants. He was transported to county jail.

Tuesday, March 25:

4:26 p.m. – A 47-year-old Sonoma man walked into the Lucky on Sonoma Highway and helped himself to a 24-pack of Pabst and a bottle of Jack Daniels. By the time deputies arrived, they recovered 23 cans of beer and the unopened bottle of Jack Daniels. The man was arrested on charges of shoplifting and a probation violation and transported to jail.

Tuesday, March 28:

1:35 p.m. – A resident in the 1100 block of Fryer Creek Drive reported that someone got into his vehicle overnight and took a GPS and an old surveillance system.

Wednesday, March 29:

3:52 a.m. – While on patrol on Highway 12, a deputy spotted a bicyclist, whom he knew was on probation, riding without a light. After being pulled over, the woman wasn’t in a cooperating mood. She was in possession of three bags of flowers and two bags of charcoal that she claimed she bought from Rite-Aid. Later, the deputy checked with CVS and found tape of the woman riding up and taking the items from the outside of the store. The 20-year-old woman was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest and a probation violation. The woman traded her bike for the back seat of a patrol car as she received a chauffeured ride to the county jail.

12:02 p.m. – A resident of the 300 block of Second Street East reported that a $1,300 bicycle and a $2,900 MacBook were stolen – sometime in January. The woman suspects that the items were taken by her daughter’s boyfriend.

1:36 p.m. – While on patrol in the area of Arnold Drive and Stage Gulch Road, a deputy made a vehicle stop on a wanted person. The suspect told the deputy that there was a BB gun in the vehicle. The deputy found not only the BB gun, but a real gun – a .38 special. The 21-year-old Sonoma resident was arrested on charges of carrying a loaded firearm in a public place and his outside warrant. He was transported to the county jail.

Friday, March 31:

11:50 p.m. – An 84-year-old Kenwood man was arrested on charges of driving under the influence after he was stopped for a traffic violation in the 19200 block of Highway 12. The deputy smelled alcohol and had the man perform some field sobriety tests, which he did poorly. He was given a preliminary alcohol screening and registered a .15 and .14. At the police station, he blew a .14, and was cited for driving under the influence. His car was towed and he received a ride home.

Saturday, April 1:

7:51 p.m. – While they were getting gas at a station in the 800 block of Broadway, another motorist drove onto the elevated sidewalk and got his car stuck. After doing poorly on the field sobriety tests, the man blew a .21 and a .23 on a breath machine at the police station. Deputies arrested Timothy C. Anderson, 33, of Emeryville, on charges of driving under the influence and transported him to jail.

Sunday, April 2:

1:39 p.m. – An Agua Caliente woman was arrested on numerous felony charges after a domestic disturbance with her estranged husband. The man, who lives in Windsor, told deputies that his wife texted him at 3 a.m. and wanted him to come to her place in the 100 block of Agua Caliente. The man said once he arrived, his wife pulled a knife, took his car keys and threatened to cut his throat if he told anyone. The woman held the man for a couple of hours. Claudia E. Vargas, 37, of Agua Caliente, was arrested on charges of felony terrorist threats, felony assault with a deadly weapon not a firearm, felony false imprisonment and felony domestic violence assault and was transported to jail.