La Luz Center has begun organizing small groups of women called “promotoras” to promote healthy lifestyles in their community. Seven local women have received training from La Luz Center, the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center, and Sonoma Valley Hospital.

The three main goals of the Promotora Program are:

• To identify the needs of the community, promote awareness and educate.

• To provide educational opportunities at health events and within one’s own circle of friends.

• To create a health support network.

The promotora model has been used in Mexico since the 1960s and has recently gained popularity in the US. It has proven effective in many critical areas of healthcare including lifestyle change, diabetes and asthma management, cancer and injury prevention and environmental and mental health. The La Luz Center Promotora Program focuses on five keys to wellness: self-love, breathing, positive choices, balance, and trust. These keys open the door to better health.

The Promotoras have created an informational brochure that was introduced at the Back to School Health Fair. They have also been sharing their findings with their personal circles of family, friends, and neighbors.

“This is a great program that connects health information to the community in a culturally relevant manner – community connecting with community. These ladies have learned a lot about our local health system from our community health center and hospital. Our goal is to share information that continues to drive a healthy community” said La Luz Program Director, Veronica Vences

For more information about the Promtoras Program contact Veronica Vences at La Luz Center at 938-5131.