Sonoma Charter School students are enjoying a new irrigated athletic field, track with decomposed granite, basketball court, backboards and a new baseball backstop, thanks to a partnership with their new neighbor, the Fetters Apartments.

The school is very pleased with its “partnership” with Fetters developer MidPen Housing. “All in all, we now have our ‘field of dreams’ thanks to MidPen Housing and our shared use agreement between SCS and Fetters Apartments,” said Sonoma Charter School director Kevin Kassebaum.

The new athletic space is also much quieter, according to Kassebaum, thanks to landscaping and a new sound wall.

The construction was completed by the start of school. Kassebaum said the school christened its new grass on Sept. 24 with its annual Jag-a-Thon. (It’s a jog-a-thon, but they are the Jaguars, hence the name Jag-a-thon.) SCS’s 75 participating students raised $5,080.

“Kids love the new grass. They are lounging in the shade under the palm tree, playing baseball, soccer, football and just having general fun,” said Kassebaum. “The new basketball courts are also a hit and our students are enjoying walking and running around the new track.” Lynda Allen, SCS’s full-time PE teacher, is pleased to now be able to teach PE in a much more optimum outdoor space, according to Kassebaum.

The apartment residents will have access to the athletic field and playground after normal school hours and weekends.