Too much foot traffic already

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Believe it or not, there were once proposals to build gas stations on the corner of the Plaza. Thank goodness, saner minds prevailed.

Now, already we have so much foot traffic at First West and First East, both at Napa and Spain, a car can hardly pass through, with long lines of cars waiting for people to cross. More foot traffic, not to mention arriving folks in cars, plus delivery people, would make this corner a total disaster. If a hotel must be built, surely there is a better location.

Please consider this before you cast your vote. This would possibly be worse than the formerly proposed Rosewood up First Street West a few years back.

Eleanor Cuevas

Agua Caliente

  • Chris Scott

    I think if you live in Sonoma, one of the first things one learns, at lease we did and seemed every neighbor and all made it a point of telling us, do not go near the Plaza to go from east to west or west to east. Use a cross street south of the Plaza. A block or two is more than worth it. Have followed the advice ever since among other “driving in Sonoma” tips. Knowing the local’s alternatives street guide is essential wherever one lives.

    Chris Scott

    • Jim Pacheco

      Chris, part of the problem with increased traffic delays on the Plaza is that drivers avoid the Plaza and drive through the residential streets instead.

  • bob edwards

    The Plaza & environs are the center of life, culture & history in Sonoma, yet thanks to relentless commercialization of our town by special interests, it is increasingly ‘For Tourists Only; Local Residents Not Welcome.”

    Indeed, one commenter here has advised those of us who live here not go near the place, which he has avoided ever since moving here. It makes one wonder why anyone would wnat to live here if they have to be apprehensive about driving through the heart of their very own town. This is Sonoma, not Mogadishu. If it is, it is time to change that & give control of our town back to the residents, starting with voting Yes on Measure B.