McKibben’s message – redemption through change and awakening


Editor, Index-Tribune:

A big thank you for the front-page reporting on Bill McKibben’s visit to Burlingame Hall, and the review and rendition of his critical messages for us and all of humanity.

This strikingly-coherent, socially-active and well-gathered vision leaves us no room at all to stay fixed to our seats and stolen comforts. While our government screams “terrorist” at us, and at the world at large, the sad truth is, in large measure it is we who terrorize the planet with our habits and greed for the power and commerce made possible with fossil fuels.

Yet even as that is obviously true, the McKibben message offers hope and redemption by change and awakening.

What a far cry this now is from when

I lobbied the Nixon administration on

behalf of residential solar. The last thing the energy advisor to the president said to me, departing his office, was, “The next war is about oil.” He very kindly reminded me then how impossible/improbable was any different vision.

Now, 40 years later, we literally can and must embrace what has become both possible, and now supremely urgent, in the intervening years.

Ned Hoke, OMD


  • Phineas Worthington

    Energy is essential. We would be wise to take away the barriers to its production and consumption in all forms. And unlike oil, no one consumes terror voluntarily. So that analogy is a poor attempt to manipulate the emotions rather than make one actually think about solutions.

    All new energy production in the US has been on private land, in spite of, not because of government. And due to anti-production policy, energy production on public land is down over the last five years. Energy, the essential life blood of the global economy, is a supremely good value not an evil to be feared.