How many actually supported Measure B?

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Did I read Larry Barnett’s letter correctly (“Wine bars: Here we go again,” Index-Tribune, Jan. 17)?

Did he proclaim that half of Sonoma’s voters supported Measure B? I believe a more accurate accounting would be half of Sonoma’s registered voters voted, and one half of that number, or 25 percent of Sonoma’s registered voters supported Measure B. And if parsed further, registered voters might be 60 percent of the population of Sonoma, so really, how many Sonoman’s supported this failed measure?

Michael Coats

Sonoma Valley

  • Larry Barnett

    Until some other form of public decision-making emerges, a democratic vote by registered voters who choose to cast a vote is the mechanism we employ to elect officials and decide matters of public policy. That it does not represent all the residents or that some registered voters choose not to cast a vote does not disqualify the process as legitimate. Intimations otherwise would invalidate the democratic process and leave society either in the hands of the mob, or King, neither of which would serve the public. Thus Michael’s analysis, which though mathematically ascertainable, is specious as an argument, offers no viable alternative and is presented purely for the sake of marginalizing election results. Ironically, his same argument could be employed to buttress the position that the defeat of Measure B was also not representative of the community as a whole and that any election is bereft of legitimate meaning. The whole line of such thinking is a waste of time.

  • Robert Piazza

    Larry, Michael was simply questioning your statistical claim, not the political process!