Lynch “tirade” against Preserve Sonoma


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Even Darius Anderson put in a large ad asking the community to be civil, so I had to respond to Bill Lynch’s “musings” (“Anti-hotel initiative is anti-Sonoma,” Bill’s Musings, Sept. 27). My legacy is not so long. I have only been in Sonoma for 41 years, but this is how I, holding a different opinion than Bill, am described: duped, fear mongerer, narrow views, suppressing fellow Sonomans, luddite, negative, building a blockade, stomping on a dream, fearful based on a false premise, using snake oil for persuasion, anti-Sonoma, not trusting local government, wrong, dishonest, having negative energy. He asks us to listen to the dreamers, but admits that we don’t always have to say yes.

Maybe I feel my dream for Sonoma’s future is better and I am saying YES on B to a better dream.

Bobbie Jenkins


  • bob edwards

    David Bolling, the current publisher of the Index Tribune, also made a plea for civility in the Measure B debate, and was joined in that by Mr. Barnett of the Preserving Sonoma Committee.

    Sadly, as they have in the past on other ballot Measures they characterized as “anti-business,’ ‘anti-growth’ or ‘anti-development,’opponents of Measure B continue to choose the low road of vitriol, vilification and name-calling.

    It is an age-old tactic of those who, devoid of any appealing reasons for opposing an idea they don’t like, resort to lies, fear-mongering and personal attacks out of desperation, recognizing they are otherwise likely to lose the argument.

    This occurred during the public debates over the hosptial Measure C, the proposed Rosewood Resort project, the Urban Growth Boundary, the ‘Cows Not Casino’ battle at Sears Point, and others. In each case, The chamber of Commerce & its allies resorted to fear-mongering, name-calling and wild economic promises (or threats of doom). The voters rejected such nonsense and defeated Measure C, stopped the Rosewood Resort Project, passed the Urban Growth Boundary and stopped the Casino.

    To the extent its opponents again dip into the same bag of tricks, it bodes well for Measure B.