The lunatics are running the asylum



Editor, Index-Tribune:

I just heard that a random sample of 100 people receiving disability checks are in prison. We are issuing food stamps, prescription drugs and Medicare to inmates too. Our brain-dead leaders of the Republican Party are sitting by watching the debt ceiling be expanded without a peep, as well as Emperor Obama changing laws unconstitutionally without a cry for the rule of law.

Diane Feinstein’s husband, whose company CB Richard Ellis won the exclusive right to sell the surplus Post Office buildings without a competitive bid, has now won the contract for the bullet train to nowhere.

Michelle Obama’s friend won the contract without bid for the “Obama Care” website, and we see how well that’s been working. I guess all that spy stuff and IRS stuff got the President what he needed on the silent, clueless Republicans.

Erik Holder wants to grant voting rights to ex-felons before he leaves his position. Is he going to let them own guns too? That’s only fair.

This Country is slipping into a liberal wonderland. Graft, corruption, excessive debt, crony capitalism at its worst, but we all feel better about ourselves. Kids can’t do math or write properly, but they feel good about themselves. The Olympics should stop giving medals to only three per event and give everyone a medal so they all feel better about themselves. No need to train and sacrifice, we’ll all be the same.

The best news is that, when 2.5 million more people lose their jobs because of ObamaCare, they won’t need to be saddled with a 40-hour work week at a job they hate so they can afford their health care – they’ll be “liberated” and able to be subsidized by all of us who work fulltime to feed and house our families (that is a quote, by the way, from the President’s own spokesman).

Yes, the asylum numbers are growing and soon we will all have a number and a task to truly belong. Our children and grandchildren will need to be educated about what this country was based on, since it will be their debt to pay off and will not look the same as it did just five years ago, let alone when most of us grew up.

I wonder if everyone will be too embarrassed to tell them the truth about what it used to be like to be free?

Peter Maushardt

Boyes Hot Springs

  • Phineas Worthington

    Oh just take your Soma and be quiet. Its a brave new world.

  • The Village Idiot

    Peter, don’t worry. They’ll save a spot in the asylum for you.

  • Justincase Weego

    Peter, I see where you’re coming from, and actually agree with some of it, and this is the way I see it. Remember that “America the Beautiful”, is the only place that you can sit at home having cocktails ( and whatever else keeps you sane), while you study and take your online defensive driving classes, pass no problem, to keep your insurance rates down? And that’s while you are watching the War, LIVE on the TV. Ain’t it great? Thanks for your time.