Listen to Pastor Rogers or Jesus?

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Thanks to Roger Jack Young for providing those quotes from the pastor Adrian Rogers (Index-Tribune letters, “The words of Adrian Rogers,” Nov. 26), all of which declared, in essence, that the rich should feel no obligation to give any support to the poor: “You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it,” and so on.

But look at this from Jesus: “There will never cease to be poor in your land. Therefore I command you, you shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor … “(Deut 15:11).

So Roger Jack – who am I supposed to listen to? Any man of the cloth who would express the views that pastor Adrian Rogers did is a fraud. I’m sticking with Jesus.

Jim Kent


  • Phineas Worthington

    “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for his life.”

    • Michael Lockert

      “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish,…” Then charge him exorbitant rates for bait, a fishing pole, nets, boat rental, etc, at the company store, and you’ll have him in your pocket forever.. By the way, the patriotic cry was “No taxation without representation” not “No taxation”. There has never been a government of any kind that existed without taxes.

      • Phineas Worthington

        Or you could just call taxes something else like a fee or a penalty.

        The issue is how and how much we are taxed. We are taxed in many ways that are not on the level. And we are taxed too much for the marginally effective services we receive, the roads are falling apart in case you didn’t notice. And it takes months to get a court hearing where in other states it may take a week or two. We are not getting what we pay for as taxpayers, this is the point.

        • Chris Scott

          Did you notice the 08-09 recession, worst since 1929? WE are getting the level of services commensurate with the WE level of economic activity and the taxes/revenue generated. There’s just a lot less WE – individual, businesses, etc. – generating revenue. Given we also have the greatest income disparity since the 1929 the overall revenue situation and economy will not be sufficiently improved to the degree needed until this and a few other inequities are corrected.

          I anticipate the concept of restoring equity to the economy is to your horror. No doubt I’m going to be suffering the slings and arrows of ism’s and code words (i.e., freedom, liberty, founding principles, et al.)

          • Phineas Worthington

            Define fair. It has as many definitions as there are people. And it is entirely possible that the injustices you see are the only possible outcome of a society that has rejected the proper underlying principles of government and law. No “ism’s,” happy?

    • Chris Scott

      The fist story is an allegory about a man’s soul.

  • Tom Sokolowski

    Lovely meaningless homily Phineas, but aren’t you aware of the fact that Republicans have
    tried to gut any attempt to “teach a man to fish” by cutting federal money for job training programs, grants to better performing schools, grants to low-income college students, and Obama’s jobs bill? Hard to take your quote seriously.

    As to your second point about the so called legal theft of taking one man’s fish so another can eat; do you think we don’t owe anything to our common interest and the our way of life? Aren’t the roads leading to your fish market paid for by someone? The police and fire departments that help protect your fish, aren‘t they paid for by someone? The airways you advertise over, the mail you use to send out your invoices, the military that protects you and your fish from foreign invaders, aren’t they paid for by someone? How about the schools that educate us, the public hospitals that heal us, the public workers that keep our cities and towns running, the police that keep order; all of the things you seem to have no problem using to your advantage; where does that money come from?

    I wouldn’t call it legal theft; I would call it taking personal responsibility, something conservatives love to moralize about but hate to do.

    • Phineas Worthington

      Your platitudes don’t hold up to any semblance of logic. If you are serious, I suspect my finances are far worse off than yours, maybe you could just bypass the government and help my common interests and just deposit half of your account in mine. At least that would be voluntary.

      • Chris Scott

        Let me answer if you’ll please. The answers to both or each is, yes, no and it depends.

        The questions are nonsensical. They might have a place in mind-body dualism but that’s about all.

        Then again, I suppose I could see there being such questions if you could tell me how one would provide tangible proof of ownership of one’s life? That would have to be the precursor.

        • Phineas Worthington

          Its sad that such simple language on the individual rights of our founding have been so thoroughly rejected by the majority of today. I hope to rekindle the fire.