Oso chef and owner David Bush confirmed that he will soon be serving cocktails at the fun and artsy Oso.

Bush told me, “We are very excited to start a craft cocktail program to go along with our delicious food. So many customers, including many locals, have been telling us since we opened that they would really like it if they could have a cocktail when they come in. It seems that everyone wants cocktails in wine country, so I decided to acquire a full license to better round out the experience we offer our customers.”

Bush graduated from the California Culinary Academy, earned a degree in history from Sonoma State and worked at the Girl and the Gaucho and the Fig Café. He got another break when he became executive chef at St. Francis Winery, which he elevated to “Best Restaurant in America” as voted by Open Table users, even though the winery didn’t really have a restaurant license.

Watch for his cocktails in a few weeks, which would go perfectly with his deviled eggs topped with crab, grilled bread, poutine, hummus or cheese plates, cheeseburgers, pork and beef meatballs, oysters, Caesar salad, or anything else on his menus, all with a twist on what you are used to. 29 E. Napa St., Sonoma. 931-6926.