The Audubon Canyon Ranch conservation organization, which now owns what is known locally as the Bouverie Preserve, hosted an afternoon reception to launch the restoration of author M.F.K. Fisher’s last house, which David Pleydell-Bouverie built for her on his property off Highway 12 in Glen Ellen.

Fisher even wrote one of her many books – “Last House” – while living here. Nancy Lilly is the local representative on the committee on the future of Last House.

As an aside, it was a great reunion for those of us who spent lots of time with Fisher the last years of her life including her loyal and wonderful secretary Marsha Moran and Patrick Moran, Margie Foster and Joanne Filipello. The typewriter Marsha used to type Mary Frances’ letters and books for many years is back in her bedroom, and her large bathroom is back to her beloved blood red color.

Most of the guests were supporters of ACR, and there will be many more opportunities organized for locals to visit and contribute to the effort.

Matthew Elias of the Bodega in Petaluma sent Hog Island oysters on the half shell, Jodie Rubin made Bodega salmon with crème de fromage on puff pastry pillows, Justin Wangler of Jackson Family wines did smoked Liberty duck and roasted beets and strawberries on toast, chefs from the MFK restaurant in Chicago offered fabulous anchovy toasts, and Sheana Davis coordinated the food and served her cheeses and potato cups with caviar and crème fraiche. For more information on Last House and the Bouverie Preserve of ACR, call 938-4554 or email