Jacob Talbert, who earned fans during his popup at Rocket, will offer his art and craft at the Annex Wine Bar Friday and Saturday nights starting June 16 and running through September.

Talbert plans to offer a full sushi bar and menu, with wine, beer and sake available at what he calls his “underground pop up.”

“I’ve been really busy creating a menu that sticks to my Aloha fusion with a whole lot of Sonoma flavor, and of course traditional roots to keep the sushi purists happy,” Talbert says. “Guests will be able to enjoy some of their favorites with a twist from my Rocket Sushi menu, and I have lots of new specialty ‘omakase’ dishes to introduce.”

And what exactly is “omakase”?

“I like to explain omakase as ‘to trust’… I ask customers to trust me to make a dish for them. I love doing omakase. It gives me creative freedom and lets me show my regular customers that I pay attention to their flavor profile – likes, dislikes and special requests. Most chefs say it translates to ‘chef’s choice’ or literally ‘I will leave it to you.’ I only do omakase at the sushi bar.”

You can also find Talbert at the Kenwood farmers market at St. Patrick’s Church on Sundays. At Annex Wine Bar, 5 to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Sushinoma.com. 732-4330.