By mid May, Sonoma green thumbs should have already started work on their spring gardens. And if you haven’t already don’t worry – it’s still better late than never. To prepare your soil add compost you have been making or add a good commercial organic compost to your garden. The addition of well composted mulches and manures will help save water and help your plants be more “fruitful.” Your saved pile of leaves and cuttings will help as compost. So then – what to grow?

To save water and money, just grow what you like to eat – or vegetables you can give to friends, relatives, or food banks that need help. Wasting water and food is never smart.

In my garden, I add E.B. Stone’s organic Sure Start to the soil – it gives plants the immediate boost of good energy and excitement they need to adapt to their new homes. After a few weeks, fertilize every month to keep plants producing for as long as possible.

Water daily during the first month, and sometimes twice a day in super hot weather. Remember that plants in pots on patios often get much hotter than those in the ground, partly from reflected heat off pavement. Once plants are established, taper watering down to two or three times a week unless it’s really hot.

Some veggies, such has beans, carrots, lettuce, radishes, and corn mature quickly and then poop out. Plant your favorites of these plants every two or three weeks so you have a constant supply throughout the summer.

Thanks to Lydia Constantini of Sonoma Mission Gardens and ‘Sunset’ magazine for these tips.