Sigh shakes, rattles and rolls around Sonoma Plaza!

Homegrown Jayme Powers celebrated the fifth anniversary of her Sigh bubble lounge throughout last weekend, sharing her happiness and success with everyone who showed up.

After a huge steamy and steaming party at Sigh on Friday night with the Frenchy food truck’s mini baguette sandwiches, macarons, and meringues, she served Lillet spritzers all Saturday and guava Mimosas on Sunday.

But that’s not all.

While majoring in Dance at Chapman University one of Jayme’s best friends was Malie Fernandez who grew up to own Coco Tiki Dance Company, a group of Polynesian dancers from Hawaii, Guam, Mexico and Los Angeles. Their website says that among other specialties they do a “Rock-A-Hula Revue inspired by the nostalgic music, culture, and dances of 1950s and ‘60s Polynesia that blends a classic luau style show with Rockabilly music, tiki and pinup culture.” Wild it was.

The dancers drove from Los Angeles to Sonoma County because they had been hired to dance for a large birthday party Saturday evening in Cotati, one of their many (2 to 5) dance gigs per week.

So Jayme had the bright idea to have them come over to Sonoma, spend the night at her house, and dance at Sigh on Sunday.

Throw into this last minute mix that Jayme Powers’ mother, Jill Powers, fell down some stairs at the Community Center last week and broke one ankle and severely sprained the other, which meant that Jayme and her sisters Wendy and Carol have taken turns taking care of their sporty mom. The Coco Tiki dancers first performed their Sonoma show on the Powers’ front lawn so Jill could see it from her temporary wheelchair.

The plan went off fabulously once it got started an hour late at Sigh after one dancer forgot her coconut bra and had to run back to Jayme’s house to get it.

With Jayme pulling her amplifier and carrying Malie’s laptop, and sister Wendy’s daughter Eva taking videos, the troupe shook, rattled and rolled their way to Steiner’s at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Steiner’s regulars wanted them to come in, instead of performing on the hot sidewalk, so they did to rousing hoots and applause, and then they were gone.

On to the Swiss Hotel where customers, servers and even cooks rushed out to the sidewalk to watch the one-number show, while traffic slowed as drivers wondered what the heck was going on.

On they went to the Town Square bar, and then to Pangloss Cellars’ tasting room, all with Jayme softly inviting people to Sigh for Sunday $5 guava mimosas. Brilliant. 120 West Napa Street, Sonoma. 996-AHHH.