Let’s celebrate, not quarrel about Sonoma

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

I feel so lucky to have lived for 55 years in Sonoma Valley, the home of Jack London, Alma Spreckles, Gen. Hap Arnold and so many others, and to have lived in the city of Sonoma with all its history.

Let responsible hotel builders come here, those who have seen and will follow the example of the paradors of Spain (the one in Cordoba has 94 rooms) where history, art and accommodations are combined.

It’s not the number of rooms that matter, it’s what you do with what you’ve got.

Let’s have a hotel with original plein art in every room, furniture appropriate to Sonoma and copies of “The Valley of the Moon” by Jack London.

Vote “no” on measure B.  Let’s not quarrel, let’s celebrate Sonoma.

Robert Parmelee




  • Mike Stephens

    Right on Mr. Parmelee! Those voting Yes on Measure B clearly have no regard for quality and meaningful architecture and accomodations. They would probably be PRO Hotel if it was a 25 room Motel 6. Sad, but true.. Vote No on Measure B!!