Leaf blowers – get the facts, then decide

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Blowing leaves is like herding sheep. They keep wanting to go every which way but straight. A rake is controllable. The beast that blows is used far more than necessary.

Have blower, will blow. I am here, it’s Wednesday, you’re paying me one-hour labor and, to justify my time, I will blow even if it’s only one leaf or some dust.

Other cities have banned the beast. Have landscapers lost jobs? Are employers experience higher costs? Is the city dirtier? Is the general citizenry happier?

Get the facts man, just the facts. Do what David Bolling advises and then the city council should make a decision using facts – not emotions.

Fred Burger


  • Wendy St. Cyr

    I am grateful that my neighbors keep a neat and tidy property. 2-3 week the contracted landscape management team comes in to blow leaves off the property. The noise is barely tolerable. Make that intolerable. It is difficult to have a conversation indoors, windows closed and adjacent property when these leave blowers are on. it is impossible to have a phone conversation as the sensitivity of our technology now picks up the frequency of leaf blowers before a voice. The dust that is created with every visit is allergyy and asthma instigating…especially at this time of year when leaves have so many molds around them…good that it’s been dry on this account. And when I watch them blow ONE leave across the parking lot…back and forth, back and forth…ONE leave…back and forth…I remind myself that this is their lively-hood…this is their income….the leave blower is the ‘tool of the trade.’ could they simply bend over and pick it up? Why not? Today I watched (and listened) to them blow the rooftops, the tops of the garage and all the gutters. There was hardly much debris in the gutter…a few leaves…a few sticks…and nothing on the roof…but they blow the entire surface anyway. Of course , this requires additional blowing on the driveway and parking lot after a few leafs and twigs has been blown to the ground. Again…grateful for the neat and tidy attention to the property…and…I patiently await their new investment in a quieter, less intrusive ‘tool of the trade’ to make it into their tool box. They know of the new law…they are just waiting for someone to enforce it before making changes and investments. I get that. Do I call? Do I wait? For now I am glad that they have a contract that brings them a relatively easy income…Oh! The leaves that have been blown onto my property? Oh, right. Those. I am waiting for the wind to blow them back to my neighbors property so the leave blowers can come again next week. And so on…