Kindness in Glen Ellen

By Eric Heine, Kenwood

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Marshall’s Auto Body is a site of historical significance and has served the community of Glen Ellen since 1968. The charm of small towns, with local family-run shops, is disappearing. Glen Ellen needs the services Marshall’s provides.
Throughout history, locals and travelers, or those less fortunate, have sought help at a village church, livery stable or blacksmith’s shop. Families have been known to spend a night in a manger. Garages are becoming few and far between. America needs jobs, goods and services.
Bob Marshall ran the body shop for 35 years, providing a bathroom and sometimes a shower for the less fortunate. Kevin Flores has maintained and honored the tradition of Marshall’s Body Shop since 2003. Our community owes Mr. Flores and Bob Marshall a heartfelt “thank you” for demonstrating humane behavior and compassion for ones fellow man.
I asked Mr. Flores why he goes out of his way to help others, and he replied with a question, “What are we if we are not kind?”
Oh, my God! Everyone needs to be kind to each other – we owe it to ourselves. We all have problems and deserve to be treated kindly. Together we can create a kinder world.