I’m Sokoloski, not Sokolowski

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

For several years, I have heard reaction from friends, acquaintances and even strangers, regarding letters to the editor in the Index-Tribune that many people think are from me, Tom Sokoloski.

The reality is that they are from Tom Sokolowski, of Sonoma, who, I believe, is president of the Sonoma Valley Democratic Club, not me, Tom Sokoloski of Glen Ellen, a retired engineer from the SDC.

It’s not that I don’t sometimes share some of the same political views as Tom Sokolowski, but I have never, before now, written a letter to the editor of the I-T to express my views. Over the years, in addition to the confusion about letters in the I-T, we have encountered some confusion with the school system as well as various businesses here in the Valley about my identity. So, I would like to clarify this for everyone. I, Tom Sokoloski, am not Tom Sokolowski.

Tom Sokoloski

Glen Ellen

  • Anne Shapiro

    Thanks for finally clearing that up buddy. We often wondered if it was you…not noticing the subtle difference in the spelling….although it was fun to picture you on that bully pulpit.
    Annie and Steve