Ignore the science and follow the status quo?



Editor, Index-Tribune:

The climate change deniers seem to get the most 
press on this subject, which confuses some into thinking that the deniers have 
an understanding of the natural environment. So let me see if I get this right.

Atmospheric scientists and climatologists have been studying changes in the earth’s average temperature for well over 40 years, and have all – with few or no exceptions – agreed that the hundreds of millions of tons of incompletely-burned carbon compounds spewing into the 
atmosphere every day, all over the globe, have an effect on the environment.

Modeling in the early ‘80s has produced scenarios that have indicated lower risks associated with these changes than are being realized today. Governments, non-governmental and non-partisan organizations, academics, and private firms compile facts and figures, and analyze them using sophisticated equipment and modeling, and still they predict less severe consequences than are currently being realized, such as the rate of melt-off of Arctic ice.

Based on the deniers’ premises, we are to ignore the science and tremendous amounts of data and just accept that our practices are OK, and that continuing to use and apply the same principles that have gotten us this far (following the status quo) won’t have any effect on the future health of the planet and those who live on it.

On the other hand, what if the deniers are wrong? What’s the basis of their arguments?

Lest we forget, Galileo and DaVinci were incarcerated for not following the status quo. Those who speak from the voice of empirical processes and are well-learned provide us with valuable information and, like much in life, use what’s of value and discard that which is just background noise.

Randy Cook


  • Wayne Hardy

    And what have these doom-and gloomer scientists shown? That the earths average temp
    has risen one degree in the last 100 years!! All of mankind is in a panic over 1 degree
    rise. That’s probabaly still within a margin of error if youm ask me. Don’t forget that 30K
    scientists have said they don’t agree with the doom-and gloomers but they are not heard.
    Their is no debate on the issue. We are all going to die and that’s the way it is. End
    of discussion.

    • Phineas Worthington

      When you understand that the whole purpose of the climate change agenda is enriching the elite few at the expense of the poverty stricken masses, the alternative path of freer markets to solve the problem becomes clear.

  • Randy Cook

    I don’t understand why the IT takes a reply to a previously posted letter and creates a separate letter from it. I didn’t submit this as a Letter to the Editor.

    And Wayne….I’m disappointed that he best you have “We are all going to die and that’s the way it is. End of discussion. Way to be insightful, and engaging!

    • Phineas Worthington

      Comments belong to the IT once submitted, its their house. Same for every other newspaper basically. One could suggest a different protocol like an IT request and an opportunity to edit the comment into a letter.

  • Wayne Hardy

    Randy..I have wondered the same thing. Not only that…they change the wording as well.

  • Wayne Hardy

    Randy said, “And Wayne….I’m disappointed that he best you have “We are all going to die and that’s the way it is. End of discussion. Way to be insightful, and engaging!”
    Maybe that’s how all the scientists that don’t agree with the doom-and-gloom community feel??
    Like their not being engaged!!!

  • Robert Piazza

    I think the real issue is not if the globe is warming but what is causing it!
    There is no conclusive scientific fact to support humans are the cause.
    That’s opinion at this point.
    I must chuckle when some (idiots) say methane from cows is causing it. The dinosaurs must have gagged the world.

    Without conclusive proof, I chose to believe is a natural happening and there is nothing man can do to change it! When I see logical and unemotional evidence tothe contray I’ll rethink my position.

    • Phineas Worthington

      Even if the worst case scenario predictions are true, though none have come to fruition, that does not negate the need for economic liberty. It actually reinforces the need for it.

  • Wayne Hardy

    A larger point to me is the fact that the average temp in the last 100 yr has only risen between
    8/10ths and 1.5 deg. !!! And because of this we (not me) are all in a panic!! Please people!!
    Get a grip.