I don’t need convincing



Editor, Index-Tribune:

Your news story about Sonoma County postponing its proposed quarter-cent sales tax for road repairs made me laugh.

The county spokesperson said that they needed more time to convince the public of the need.


Only people who do not drive cars on our roads would believe they don’t need fixing.

Even if they ever get the measure on the ballot, and if it passes, it will only be sufficient to do half the job.

At least by my math that is what it works out to.

Still, half is better than nothing, or nearly nothing. In the meantime our cars hit those potholes and deep ruts every day, convincing us that they need repair.

A quarter-cent seems like a small price to pay to get something significant done.

The sooner that repair work starts the better. Let’s get that measure on the ballot as soon as possible.

Mary Martinson

Boyes Hot Springs

  • Robert Piazza

    Another tax to pay for what we have already been taxed to pay for?
    This spend and tax mentality has to end before there’s no one left to tax!