Hot-car dog owner should have been cited

By Jan Schwarz, Boyes Hot Springs

Editor, Index-Tribune:

I am in total agreement with the letter to the editor written by Lorie Ropp (Index-Tribune, Aug. 16) regarding the black Lab left in a hot car. Anyone with common sense would not have left a poor animal in a hot car like she did. Did she really check every 20 minutes to see if he was doing OK? I doubt it.
I cannot believe that the Sonoma Police Department did not give her a citation. I wonder how many times that dog has been left in her car like that in the Sacramento area, which is much hotter. She should have been cited and, as far as I am concerned, it was animal abuse and the police department dropped the ball on this one.
Shame on the woman and shame on the Sonoma Police Department for not following through.