Hometown News 4-16-13


In recent months, Pets Lifeline has had a slew of donations from Valley youth, who are collecting their money from chores or birthdays to benefit Sonoma’s only animal shelter. Many learned about the shelter and its many programs to benefit homeless animals during the Pets Lifeline humane education camp, which will again be offered this summer.

On Dec. 11, Charlie Evans, an 8-year-old lad, came with $32 he had saved to make sure there was money for the kittens.  His dad said it was all Charlie’s idea to donate money for the kittens.

Charlotte King andMadeline Sickert, both 9-years-old, dropped by the shelter on Dec. 18, the week before Christmas carrying their empty piggy banks. The two girls, who are best friends, were inspired by how much Pets Lifeline does for animals, and decided to put their money together and give it to the shelter so there would be plenty of money to buy food and toys for the animals.

Gabe Gissell, a 10-year-old who is very inquisitive, has been coming into the shelter every week since summer camp with his mom to visit the cats. Gabe knows every cat name by heart and always kept tabs on all of the adoptions and any cat that was not the community rooms the following week. If they had a cold and were in isolation, he would ask about them every week until they were well again and back in the room. On Jan. 4, Gabe came in with an envelope full of money and said he decided to give his allowance to help the animals at Pets Lifeline.  He said he cleaned the pool, took out the trash, raked leaves and did other chores to raise the funds.

Liam O’Driscoll is a sixth-grade student at Adele Harrison Middle School who came to Pets Lifeline on Jan. 29 and donated $32 from his allowance. His mother said after Pets Lifeline Humane Educator Mary Green came to his class at Flowery the year prior, he learned that the shelter exists only on donations from the public.

On March 5, Keira Sheldon and her friend Sophie Armer, fourth-graders at Presentation School, stopped by Pets Lifeline with a beautifully decorated box with pictures of puppies. Keira handed us the box and told us that for her birthday party last weekend, she told her friends not to bring her presents, but to bring pet toys, food for cats and dogs money to be donated to Pets Lifeline. She raised more than $150 and brought cat food and tons of fun cat and dog toys.

Charlotte King and Madeline Sickert returned to the shelter with their friend, Bella, on March 12 handing over $141 that they raised by selling hand-made headbands at school.


Pat McTaggart was honored by the Bocce Sonoma Committee for all she did in getting the bocce courts installed. The Bocce Sonoma Committee and its members presented McTaggargt with a bench honoring all her work in enabling the Bocce courts to be built.

Pat McTaggart (pictured here with husband, Ken) was honored by the Bocce Sonoma Committee for all she did in getting the bocce courts installed

Pat McTaggart (pictured here with husband, Ken) was honored by the Bocce Sonoma Committee for all she did in getting the bocce courts installed

She was a member of Sonoma Sister Cities Committee and its subcommittee; Grieve in Chiant, Sonoma’s Sister City in Italy. In that role, she coordinated a joint agreement between the City of Sonoma, Valley of the Moon Petanque and Sonoma Sister Cities; allowing the courts to be built by the Greve in Chianti, which donated the courts to the City of Sonoma. Her efforts now provide enjoyment and fun for approximately 250 members who participate in league play from April to November.

She is pictured here on the bench with her husband, Ken.


Pastor Rob Goerzen and his wife are proud to announce the graduation of their daughter Suzannah Rose Goerzen, from Simpson University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and graduated as a member of the Dean’s List on April 27.


Maggie Mareese Spilsbury was born Friday, March 15, at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. She is the daughter of Sally (Arner) Spilsbury and Eli Spilsbury, of Pleasant Hill; sister to Carolina Mae, 2; and granddaughter of Brock Arner and MJ Arner, both of Sonoma.

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