Here in Sonoma County, there are countless people who have worked hard to make our county great. There are teachers who have educated the children of our county, planting the seeds within our future leaders. There are the farmers who have tilled the land and raised animals, contributing to the rich agriculture of our region. There are the volunteers, the leaders and those who have stepped forward with faith to make a change.

Today, in honor of Women’s History Month, we shine a light on the women who are making a difference in our county. In the slideshow above are just 30 of these women who have gone to great lengths to make a difference. Some are women you have heard of, and some may be unfamiliar. But all are Sonoma County residents you should know.

These women represent only a small fraction of notable females in our county. We recognize there may be a few you believe we missed. If you have suggestions for another notable woman in Sonoma County, let us know in the comments.