When grownups bully over baseball



By Monica Rosales

For the past four years, we have been going trick or treating in the Fryer Creek area along all the homes across from Train Town, and we have always had a fun and friendly experience. Until this year.

Victoria, who is 10-years-old, decided to be a Dodgers baseball player, because she is a huge fan. So here we go, getting the kids all ready and they’re as excited as any kid would be for Halloween. Victoria is waiting anxiously with her mitt and ball and bag for candy while we all get out the car, the biggest smile on her face, not just because she was dressed up and was going to get treats, but because she was so proud of her costume.

So off we go, and there must have been 10 to 15 different houses where grown adults were handing out candy had negative comments about Victoria’s Dodger costume.

Comments like: “Oh come on, Dodgers?,” “Boo Dodgers,” “Oh, why a Dodgers costume?” At the same time, the other kids were getting comments like, “Awww, how cute, nice costume, yay a fairy, aww a little monkey.” But then to Victoria, “Oh come on.” It was sad.

I could see her slowly shutting down, and I would say to her, “Hey, they are just playing” and “they’re a little jealous cause we did awesome this year.” And she would just smile and look down. Then it was at a particular lady’s house – a woman in her 50s or 60s – that Victoria just broke down. This lady handed out the candies to the other kids. I was standing behind Victoria with the baby when the lady just looked at Victoria as she held her candy bag open, and said “I don’t give candy to Dodger’s fans.” I said, “Excuse me?” She then said, “I don’t give candy to Dodger fans. You should know this is Giants territory.”

I then told the lady “She’s a little girl; are you serious?” At that point, she dropped candy in Victoria’s bag. I put my arm around her shoulders and said, “It’s OK. She’s just jealous because your team is awesome.” The lady shouted out, “I was just playing.” It was at that point that Victoria broke down, hid her face into me, started crying hard and didn’t want to trick or treat anymore.

This woman and other adults took away her excitement, and that made me very sad because I always want my children to be proud of what they want and what they believe in. As we left I whispered into her ear, “I love you and I will always be your number one fan.”

I was completely thrown off guard since I didn’t expect all the comments from different people about a kid’s costume. These are innocent kids who look up to us adults. As adults, we should be setting good examples. I always tell the kids, “No bullying. It’s not okay whatsoever.”

• • •

Monica Rosales is a resident of Sonoma.

  • Phineas Worthington

    So many adults have no clue. They think kids ‘get’ their gruff, inappropriate, and even hostile humor when all they are doing is beating little kids down.

  • Robin Short

    I am so sorry this happened to you Victoria. There are so many neighborhoods in the valley who would love to have trick or treaters..To see your smiles, costumes and hear your laughter reminds them joy is present. You are doing many a favor by coming by for a visit, even it’s for a second!

  • Lank Thompson

    Whats the address to avoid next year

  • Ashleigha

    As a giants fan I am so sorry that this happened to her. I hope that these adults are ashamed of themselves!

  • Ellie Hill Reese

    Buck up little Dodgers girl! She’ll be fine and it’s a great lesson in “unsportsman like” behavior. I bet most of those adults felt like IDIOTS after they realized what jerks they were being. Seriously, what is wrong with people? Too bad you can’t teach her to gloat about how awesome her team did this year, huh? Go Blue! And uh neighbor, that baseball in your car window? So sorry… KIDDING!!!!!

  • Glenna Fewell

    Victoria – in 1989, way before you were born, The school my daughter was attending wanted the kids to come dressed as either an Oakland A or a San Francisco Giant. she refused and went as a Dodger. She was 8. While I don’t believe she was bullied for it (cuz unlike you, we are in Dodger territory) she stood up for her team when adults tried to force the kids into doing something they weren’t. Wrong. That does not teach loyalty. Good for you. Dodger Fan’s rock.

  • Elizabeth Dreyer

    Hiya Monica, I sent a link to this letter to the Dodgers and asked nicely if they could send you some swag to make up for your daughter’s bad experience. I hope they do, because no kid deserves to have their Halloween spoiled by crummy adults. Here’s hoping they reply.

    • Neka Meglen- Kirtley

      Elizabeth, I did the same thing. :-) Great minds think alike.

      Monica, I am a SF Giants fan. I am so sorry your Daughter, Victoria, had to experience grown adults acting so ignorant. Please let her know not ALL Giants fans are like that. ♥

  • Roberto Corona Ramirez

    VICTORIA your costume is the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget about those lame adults and know that it probably wasn’t personal, but an ego thing for those fans. YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • Steve Whitacre

    I’m a Dodger fan thru and thru, I hate the Giants with a passion, BUT!!!! If a child comes to MY HOUSE dressed as a Giant player??? I will give him/her just as much candy AND encouragement as I would give other children, I PITTY THIS LADY!!

  • Michael Douglas

    Gee, when the only passion you have in life comes from a game played by people you don’t even know then you are a LOSER!

  • Tesslyn Wims

    Awww man a part of me wishes I could have been there to say to this lady, “well my kid doesn’t want any candy from a sore loser Giants fan anyways!” even tho I’d just be dishing out what she did….not that I’d actually but do it but I’d definitely think about doing it. I’m an Oakland A’s fan myself and I’d never turn away a kid regardless of what their costume is……..& I’m very sorry your little Dodger fan was treated like that! God Bless!

  • KoreAmBear

    Sports have become “Romified”. People take it as seriously as war sometime. Red Sox Nation. Raiders Nation. Battery Chucks. Dodger fans brutalizing a Giant fan in the parking lot. It’s cute at times to have that rivalry, but if it seems into things like this, where being a fan is so excessive where it violates even how adults act towards kids, then it’s time that they should stop following sports. I hope Victoria wasn’t too traumatized by this. I’m a Dodger fan, but this is not about the Dodgers or Giants. I am positive this scenario could easily happen to a trick-o-treater clad in Giants gear in Dodger land. This is about how self-important and sick people have gotten over sports.

  • Celeste Winders

    Victoria I think your costume is awesome! Hey, I’m a hardcore Laker fan so I totally get where you are coming from. I’m sorry some adults were such bad sports and sore losers. Next year come trick or treat at my house, I will give you the big candy bar and a high five~

  • Becky Williams

    dont worry what people say their is always going to be a sore loser out there we love you

  • Elena Toscano

    Victoria, you are right and they are not. Your name means “winner” and you are. So is your team. Keep being brave and an inspiration.