Here we go again

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:


The GOP’s last threat to shut down the government was about paying its bills, holding citizens hostage to defund unemployment insurance. This time it’s the affordable care act (ObamaCare). They do not want to fund it.

The GOP has tried to derail ObamaCare from the start, trying to appeal it 46 times, only to go down in defeat in the Senate, then taking it to the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, only to be denied again.

The cost of the appeals and the lawsuits over ObamaCare, and the shut down of the government, and the fact we are not paying our bills, is going to cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. Interest rates on the money we owe is going to go up because of this.

Who do these elected officials work for? I am not sure, but helping the American people does not seem to be on the agenda.

Greg Larson

Boyes Hot Springs

  • Phineas Worthington

    SCOTUS struck down a portion of the law that sought to compel state governments to participate. And Roberts split the baby on the individual mandate ignoring all precedent. Any federal law can be changed, repealed, amended or defunded by our legislative branch of government, Congress.

  • Robert Piazza

    Prohibition was a good idea for some at one time. Look what it led to and eventually it was repealed. This was a constitutional amendment which is more difficult to pass and repeal that a law passed by congress!

    It’s a bad law in its current form and needs to be cleaned up substantially! That’s what the conservatives are arguing about.

    Obama could easily fund government by negotiating rather that dictating!

  • Hugh Black

    The Republicans have tried repeatedly to get rid of any and all Social programs not just Obamacare. Add Social Security, welfare, food stamps, etc… etc.., etc..
    It’s all about money…..nothing else. never has been, never will be!! The 1% wants more, more, more.

    • Robert Piazza

      Hugh, You’re not presenting a rational argument. You comment is a generalization without substantiation. It’s emotional in nature.

      But let’s say your right. It’s a fact that both current social programs SSI and Medicare are are paying out more money than they take in and to more people than have contributed?

      It’s not a great leap to conclude that Obamacare will do the same! How can we as a nation sustain spending more than we take in?
      THAT, Hugh is the conservative issue! It has nothing to do with the 1%, as you put it.

      • Hugh Black

        Your argument is interesting…. it is the same one used by the robber barons in 1890!!! They used religion to justify there ignoring the rest of us. Some things never change. Time to move on…. maybe a century or so.

        • Robert Piazza

          Hugh, you’re changing subjects! The robber Barons of yesteryear have nothing to do with government spending more than they take in in taxes!

          I know it’s difficult but try to refrain from name calling and address the subject. It’s much more productive.

          • Hugh Black

            What is calling somebodies argument emotional. Sounds like name calling to me. Robber Baron is a historical term that I learned in school.
            In my some what cold logical state, robber barons applies. Some of the very wealthy want to dictate how little they pay and be allowed to do anything they want.
            If George bush had (upon getting a budget that was balanced and a low unemployment rate) had governed, fixed programs and did things for the long term and not just cut taxes for no reason, you and I would not be having this discussion.
            Seems to be the conservative habit. The Republicans started NAFTA and wanted healthcare……. now they have forgotten that, blame the Democrats and hold the country hostage.