Five more reasons to vote ‘no’ on B

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

If Measure B passes, those who voted “small” should pay attention to the problems they will have created.

1. It will rob the city of needed income.

2. It will prevent a beautiful addition to the Plaza area.

3. It will stop an improvement in traffic flow.

4. It will handcuff city planners and citizen committees.

5. We will still have an empty lot and an old tin building on West Napa Street.

Measure B is a bad law in the name of “small,” and if passed will have to be overturned in a future election.

Please, vote “no” B.

R.H. Sherwood



  • Jim Pacheco

    Why can’t we have a beautiful 25 room hotel built instead of the 59 room hotel is proposed?
    And please explain the improvement in traffic flow. Are you talking about the delivery trucks driving through the residential area on 1st St W after making a delivery to the new hotel? That is where the city was planning on putting the delivery zone. Please back up your speculations with facts.

  • Mike Stephens

    Jim! No one will build a 25 room hotel. It doesn’t make any financial sense. Maybe 2 – 25 room hotels that function as one. A quality hotel needs a nice restaurant and bar. This will be a welcome addition for everyone. Other developments that could be approved for this site will all have similar if not worse traffic issues. Vote No on Measure B!