‘Fascism’ is meaningless in climate change context



Editor, Index-Tribune:

I found Phineas Worthington’s May 30 letter to the editor, “Fascism versus climate change?” absurd on every level. Mr. Worthington’s comments seem to be politically driven, rather than based on scientific fact. The “alternative” to global warming is not global cooling, it’s slower global warming.

Anyway, you don’t get to choose an alternative. Global warming is, unfortunately, a very innocuous sounding term – hinting at generally warmer weather rather than catastrophic climate change. In coming decades, we will be facing mega storms like Katrina and Sandy much more frequently, ever more devastating forest fires, flooding, drought, polar vortices and other weather extremes.

Mr. Worthington’s only argument against addressing the greatest crisis this planet has faced in the last 65 million years is to claim action would require “fascism” (which he seems to think is an antonym for freedom).

Well, fascism certainly is a great buzzword, but is utterly meaningless in this context. It is most unfortunate that members of the fossil fuel industry have succeeded in politicizing the issue with misleading information, and Mr. Worthington seems to be one of those taken in by that.

Peter Wellington

Boyes Hot Springs

  • Phineas Worthington

    Thanks for your thoughts. Though only you and others of like mind seek to initiate force against others to comply with your world view and solve the problem through coercion instead of a free exchange.

  • Randy Cook

    Really, Mr. Worthington? I defy you to find citations to articles and policy statements from environmental organizations concerned about climate change/ human-induced global warming that addresses control of the economy.

    These same dangerous convictions you espouse are why the US is so far behind the developed world in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The thin veneer of seemingly intelligent discussion is quickly being eroded by your elucidation of these convictions. Unfortunately, there are those who find this to be intelligent dialogue, when the rest of us ask….????

    • Phineas Worthington

      Cap and trade, enough said.

  • Wayne Hardy

    Randy stated..”These same dangerous convictions you espouse are why the US is so far behind the developed world in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).”
    Sorry..got to call you on that one. That is a bunch of hog-wash and you know it. This country
    has been a leader in technology for a long time. Let’s see, men on the moon, high tech probes
    on Mars,advanced military equipment, you get the point. Oh!! And this country is the most advanced in the area of enviromental clean-up and technology as well. Try comparing our
    rivers,air,lakes, etc: with countries in the Eastern block and Asia with far less population then
    we have. You would be disgusted what you would see.

    • Phineas Worthington

      There is a direct correlation of state owned/managed oil resources with devastated environments. Russia is exhibit A.

  • Jesus

    The earth has been warming since the ice age ended! Did the cave man do it? All green growing plants need co2 to thrive. That’s why every pot grower I know pumps co2 into their grows

  • Wayne Hardy

    It has been said that the worlds climate was warm at the time of the dinosaur. What caused
    it to be warm then? More than likely elevated CO2 levels causing a green house effect.
    But then the earth cooled. Why?? Did the CO2 levels drop causing the cooling?? If so, does
    that mean they could drop again?? So many questions…so few answers.