Eye-for-an-eye makes whole world blind



Editor, Index-Tribune:

The collective punishment against the Palestinian people in response to the tragic killing of the three Israeli boys has to stop. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” Martin Luther King Jr. warned us.

The killing of six Palestinians, the arrest of hundreds more and the brutal beating of an American teenager visiting his Palestinian relatives, is senseless, immoral, illegal and will do nothing to bring back the three Israeli teenagers.

As a Jew, as a citizen of a country that sends more than $3 billion in aid each year to Israel, as a mother and as a member of the human race, I cannot stand by and watch this continue. If you can’t take it anymore, either, I urge you to call the White House and your elected officials in Washington. Tell them to withhold aid to Israel until its government demands an end to this mass revenge.

Lois Pearlman



  • Phineas Worthington

    Has the Hamas government arrested the kidnappers and murderers of the three teenagers yet? Or issued an apology? Or stopped firing rockets at Israeli civilians?

  • Gorby48

    Lois, I agree with your feelings of disgust for countries/people behaving in support of the eye for an eye mentality, but I feel your views expressed are one more example of looking at the situation over there with a narrow point of view. The fact is that both the Israelis and the Palestinians are quite guilty together with their eye for an eye behavior. It has been going on forever and you talk like it is only Israel being the big bad revengeful one. They all do it and why can’t you admit it? There are extreme factions on both sides that are very committed to keeping the fires burning with killing after killing after killing. They all react to each other–revenge the revenger times 1 million.

    It gets really old to hear your 1 sided opinion. I am also Jewish, Lois. I challenge you to take a broader view. If both sides could only learn to live together with compassion and respect instead of creating generation after generation of hatred, wouldn’t that be nice. I have little faith in that happening in my lifetime as the extremists keep it all going. You are very one sided.