Editor, Index-Tribune:

Our daughter was married Saturday, Aug. 9, at St. Francis Solano Church. We celebrated afterward at The Lodge at Sonoma, on Broadway. Toward the end of the evening, the photographer’s camera was stolen – no photographs for us and no livelihood for our photographer.

The best we can hope for is that someone would return the memory card from the camera to us, to The Lodge or to the police. The robbery is being investigated by the Sonoma Police Department and the loss prevention folks at The Lodge.

Another plot twist? The wedding cake was stolen from the bakery before it was delivered.

Fear not – it was a beautiful day, filled with family, love and laughter. We would just like to have some pictures. Whoever has the memory card can also reach us at ACStu@aol.com or by calling (650) 593-0919. Or just send the card to The Lodge at Sonoma.


Rosemary Stuebing

Belmont, California