Editor, Index-Tribune:

I read the article in Friday’s paper on the community pool (“City mulling pool loan,” Aug. 15), and was disappointed to see the last statement that, to paraphrase, “it is abundantly clear that the pool under the best circumstances is at least five years away, probably further.”

I don’t know how you drew that conclusion, other than inferring that because we asked for 5-plus years on the “making progress” clause in the loan contract we expected it to take that long. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are on a schedule that aggressively sets the opening date to be summer of 2016, with summer of 2017 the worst-case scenario. We have even been in meetings with all the relevant county departments and they have signaled to us that this is a reasonable goal.

We simply asked for that timeframe from the city to give us maximum flexibility. We have no expectation of it taking that long to break ground and build this facility.

The only thing that will hold us up is fundraising, and we feel strongly that momentum is starting to build in the community to support this project financially, not just emotionally.

However, there’s a bit of a catch-22 in play, in that if people start to think that the pool project is many years off, their enthusiasm for supporting it wanes a bit. Thus my disappointment that the I-T is making that projection, and I believe on the wrong set of information.

Paul Favaro

President, Sonoma Valley Health and Recreation Association