Editor, Index Tribune:

On Saturday, at the Moose Lodge, I bore witness to the power of community, our community of Sonoma.

Dave Robbins was a friend, we worked on several educational projects together, and I was always very taken by his open heart for kids.

On Saturday, I witnessed the open heart of so many who organized, who sang, who paid tribute. It was a tribute to Dave that so many were present, in the truest sense of that word.

The conversations I heard were an ebb and flow of stories about Dave. There was no doubt about the purpose of this gathering. With so much inhumanity in the news these days, Saturday’s event was a counterbalance to what is wrong in the world.

No, all was not right with the world at the Moose Lodge: a friend was with us no longer. Bearing witness to this memorial celebration of Dave Robbins, it is fitting to note that he may have passed, but he also continues.

Howard Egger-Bovet