I’ve heard the reasons for the early school starts of the past few years and try to understand why the calendar year has shrunk, but I still strongly think it could be done because, and I know I’m a Baby Boomer talking, school shouldn’t start until right after Labor Day, which means September and not mid-August.

Give the kids and their parents the two prime summer months, July and August, off for being families relaxing and having fun on vacation or at home.

OK, I, again, made my gripe.

The reality is it isn’t going to happen any more, so here are the facts.

Sonoma Valley High School’s football preseason started yesterday and the Dragons’ six other fall sports programs – girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ cross-country, boys’ and girls’ water polo and girls’ tennis and golf – begin their 2014 preseasons on Monday, Aug. 18.

Any student athlete wanting to participate needs to have all her or his paperwork – including current mandatory physical examinations, proof of insurance, completed emergency cards, signed (student and parent) code of conduct forms and paid fees – completed before practicing.

Paperwork, paid fees and proof of physical for all Sonoma fall athletes can be turned in at the student activities office Monday through Friday.