They’re calling it a Celebration of Life, which it surely is, but I prefer to call it a continuation of life, a life well lived, taken too soon. Because the lessons and wisdom learned from knowing David Ian Robbins will continue on for many in Sonoma Valley and beyond.

As I write this, and plan the performance part of the celebration, slated for Saturday, Aug. 9, at 4 p.m. at the Moose Lodge, I am still getting inquiries from folks I don’t even know with requests to sing, say a few things, remember a time out loud at the celebration. All will be accommodated but, I have to say, I’ve never handled 21-plus acts on one stage before. Only fitting for a man who loved music, and local music, as Dave did.

Almost weekly on his radio show, “Busking” on KSVY, he featured a live performance from a local musician. I had never heard the word “busking” until Dave explained to me what it meant. I now use it all the time.

For others, it was his appearances as Skeleton Jack at the numerous Witchie Poo shows over the years, or many of the other Rhoten Productions events, or the Flowery school talent shows.

For some, it was Trivia night at Murphy’s Irish Pub that will invoke Dave’s memory in the coming years. The man was quietly everywhere, a true “man about town,” and always with a helping hand.

The celebration Saturday is a potluck, with drinks available for purchase. The Moose folks have donated back half the proceeds of beverages sold to benefit the Willmar Center, as Dave’s love of helping children was evident everywhere. The performance schedule will include music, spoken words, various tributes and things we don’t even know about yet. The performers scheduled so far are Deirdre Egan, Randy Cook, Judy Williams, Cat Petru, Kerry Daly, the Trees, Kit Schmidt, Wildflower Weed, Ian Hinkley, Static People, Greg Volker, Adam Traum (recorded), Hard Travelin’, Mike Barnes, Mark Dennis, Kristen Pearce, Smokin’ Joe, Jaydub and Dino, Ten Foot Tone, Acoustic Soul and Tilted Halos.

The event is open to all who wish to pay tribute to Dave, or anyone who just wants to come by and hear some good local music. Dave would have liked that.

There will be a place to donate to help defray costs and help the family in this time of need. In my 25 years here in the Valley, that’s something we seem to do very well.

Peace, David Ian Robbins, and Godspeed man.

• • •

James Marshall Berry is the Index-Tribune music columnist.