Editor, Index-Tribune

Bob Crane’s July 29 letter, “Falling in love with Jack London Park,” praising and thanking the Valley of the Moon Natural History Association (VMNHA), and the Transcendence Theatre Company (TTC), for rescuing Jack London State Park (JLSP), and making a breadth of activity accessible, is right on.

The many volunteers of VMNHA enthusiastically encourage a wide variety of events and are extremely cheerful greeters to park visitors. The TTC, Broadway World San Francisco 2013 Theater Of The Year, brings their nationally-recognized artists to produce outstanding Broadway musicals and make many other positive contributions to our Sonoma community. We in Sonoma are extremely thankful and fortunate.

Personally, we have season TTC tickets and intentionally purchased two extra season passes so that we could invite friends to enjoy the events. For one of the shows, we have 10 family members joining us from San Carlos and Pleasanton. We also enjoy piano concerts, horse riding and exploring the beautiful park with friends. JLSP is extensively more available and wonderfully-used than before the threatened closing. The Sonoma Valley is enhanced.

Judy Muller