Editor, Index-Tribune:

Thank you for your thoughtful editorial of July 18 “More fire under our butts,” addressing state water usage. I felt discouraged by the news coverage on bay area TV stations claiming that instead of conserving water as requested by the governor, Californians were actually increasing water use.

Among my friends and acquaintances, it seemed to me that we were all applying ourselves to reducing water usage and thinking about how to do better in our homes. I felt somewhat vindicated when I saw a chart on Facebook that showed most Californians actually did save water – significant amounts.

The North Coast counties had a 12 percent reduction in water usage.

It motivates me more to continue conserving water when an accurate picture of our efforts is publicized in the news, rather than the implication we heard, that we were doing worse. No – certain areas of the state are doing worse; many are showing real success in reducing water usage.

Nan Perrott

Boyes Hot Springs