Editor, Index-Tribune:

This letter is overdue and I apologize. We first learned of Sonoma’s newest police officer, Dickie the canine in the Aug. 27, 2013 issue of the Index-Tribune. My first thought was, what a handsome dog, made all the more stunning by being a mix of Belgain Malinois and German Shepherd. My second instant reflection: how extremely important for this dog to be protected by a bulletproof vest.

Fast forward to the Index-Tribune June 6, 2014, article and photo showing officer Dickie and partner Deputy Jeff Sherman. Dickie is smartly attired in his new black bulletproof vest.

In the background are his most loving benefactors from the ladies auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Bear Flag Post 1943. They are Shauna Aubin, Sarah Benham, Judith D’Amico, Marie Therese Denning, Alina Garcia, Bea Hanratty, Edith King, Laurell Meredith, Robyn Moss, Sarah Parker, Tabitha Parker, Mary Smith and Susan Smith. Angels all.

I think I can speak for the citizens of Sonoma when I thank you immensely for your generosity in providing this garment to better safeguard Dickie, a crime fighter who would give his life to make ours safer.

Sue Weingarten