Editor, Index-Tribune

I am a dog lover, like many of the folks in Sonoma Valley. I live in the city of Sonoma and I own a beautiful black lab who was a former breeder for Guide Dogs For The Blind in San Rafael. She is very well behaved and I always pick up after her when we are on our walks. Her name is Barta, and many of you in the community know her and like her.

Barta would never jump on anyone, put her nose on anyone, chase a cat, or another dog or bother the ducks that live in the pond in the Plaza.

However, Barta is not allowed to go with me to the Plaza. I understand that other dogs and their owners, by their behavior, have made these regulations a necessity. So on Tuesday nights, when I am going to the farmers market, and I have to leave Barta at home, I understand.

The problem I’m having is that every week that I am there, I see dogs at the farmers market.

I am not asking for the ordinance to be reversed, I am expecting, however, that it be enforced.

Joyce Davison