Editor, Index-Tribune:

I moved to Sonoma in April and was married in June, after several years of visiting and dating a local woman here. I fell in love with Sonoma and bought a home here. One of its attractions is the Jack London State Historic Park and its programs, particularly the Transcendence Theatre Company.

As part of our wedding event, we had a pre-wedding gathering at the park. Family and friends from as far away as Australia joined us, and they loved the park and the Broadway Under the Stars evening event.

All were impressed by its beauty, and the TTC performance was one of the highlights of our wedding weekend.

As I learned about the park’s history during past visits, and hiking on other occasions, it has been very hard to believe that this was a park slated for closure just two years ago.

Now it is such a well-managed and vibrant part of the community.

I would like to raise my glass and express my deep appreciation to the Valley of the Moon Natural History Association, and to those who devote their time to it, for stepping up to keep the park open and accessible for our visitors, and for those of us fortunate enough to call Sonoma home.

What a wonderful community asset the association is managing so that we, and those around the world who visit it, can learn about the history of Jack London and enjoy our wonderful environment.

My great thanks to the Valley of the Moon Natural History Association.

Bob Crane