Editor, Index-Tribune:

These pages are commonly taken up with contentious voices arguing over access to our local public lands. All the more reason, therefore, to celebrate the wonderful, cooperative effort that has given new life to one of our Valley’s jewels – Jack London State Historic Park.

Not long ago, this park was on the verge of closure and, were it not for a dedicated group of individuals who invested their time and money, a beautiful and historic resource would be shut off to all of us.

Kudos to Jack London Park Partners, who not only led the fight to keep this park open, but have also conducted an ongoing outreach effort to educate both locals and visitors about this beautiful site and the unique historic and recreational opportunities it offers.

And, adding one more layer of convergence, the Transcendence Theatre Company has come into the mix, offering world-class entertainment in this breathtaking setting, allowing countless new visitors to discover the site and helping secure the park’s economic foundation.

We are blessed to have this beautiful resource in our midst, and for the efforts of all those who have given us the opportunity to enjoy it.

Steve Page