Editor, Index-Tribune

It seems that residential communities that have private wells believe that they can waste irrigation water as much as they please. I have witnessed Seven Flags and Temelec lawn sprinklers spraying water into the air at mid-day and afternoon on the lawns at their entrances.

Most important, these wells are sucking water from the ground water that we all use. Even VOM Water District has wells to serve its customers. Neighbors have wells, and water is a precious resource.

Second, water hits the lawn and not the air when turned on in the early morning when evaporation and wind are less. Third, lawn sprinklers should not spray upward, simply horizontally onto the grass. Fourth, lawns that are wet during the night are subject to disease. Whoever is responsible for the landscaping at these communities should be educated or fired and their HOA boards need to oversee this offense.

This highlights the need for an agency to make rules that can be enforced with fines. Other counties in the Bay Area are beginning to fine offenders $500 for wasting water. People who are thoughtful about conserving water are getting enraged by those who are not. Count me in.

Bonnie Brown

El Verano