Editor, Index-Tribune

I just took a drive to the beautiful veterans cemetery in Sonoma to visit my husband and check on the flowers. I was surprised to see two fairly new headstone right next to the Star of Honor, each with a fairly large American flag, that I hadn’t noticed before.

Going closer, I saw that they were for Jim and Evelyn Parks. I know that Evelyn died before the cemetery was finished, and that she was placed in the Mountain Cemetery.

Later, when I talked to Jim, he told me he was going to be next to her, and not go to the complicated process of moving her to the veterans cemetery when he died. It was a pleasant surprise to see that their family, or the city, or some wonderful person or organization has placed them both here.

This is definitely where they belong. It is because of Jim and his family that we have this lovely spot in Sonoma to honor our loved ones.

Sandra O. Geddes

Widow of a proud Marine