Editor, Index-Tribune

I was pleased to see that the roundabout at Arnold Drive and Agua Caliente was finally dedicated to the memory of Hap Arnold. It is a fitting tribute to him and the roundabout is a marvel of engineering.

It is time for a new roundabout at the intersections of Highways 121 and 116.That intersection is the biggest drag to traffic at almost any given time of the day.

The long lines coming to it are long and arduous. At commute times in the morning and in the evening, the lines are ridiculously long.

The problem is even more exacerbated by the fact that not everyone knows the protocol that has been loosely established by the residents of Sonoma of when to take your turn to proceed. It makes for bad feelings and can contribute to road rage.

A roundabout at this intersection makes so much sense now, and would speed traffic along without a lot of fanfare.

Santa Rosa politicos: Are you listening?

John Camajani


(Editor’s note: Since the proposed roundabout is at the intersection of two state highways, Caltrans is the operative agency for constructing the project, and has had such plans in the works for years. Perhaps public outcry can expedite some action.)