Cubs snare Babe Ruth National title, Sonoma all-star teams named

In Friday night’s battle for Sonoma Valley Babe Ruth baseball’s National League playoffs title, top-seeded Rotary knew it was facing a team that would be riding the momentum of pulling off a victory obtained in the final inning of its opening round game.

The second-seeded Cubs nipped the third-seeded Lions 9-8 in the last inning Thursday evening at Arnold Field, while the Rotary reached the championship game with a 6-1 win over the fourth-seeded Colts last Tuesday.

Definitely momentum came into play in Friday's final, but the big factor was on the mound, where Max Yankovich pitched a complete game, two-hit gem in leading the Cubs to a 3-0 shutout victory over the Rotary to claim the crown.

The Sonoma Babe Ruth National League champion Cubs – directed by manager Justin Garrett and coaches Marion Alioto and Joe Lunny – consisted of Yankovich, Michael Daly, Maitland Eagle, Trent Garrett, Tyler Garrett, Brendan Hogan, Nazir Lyle, Kole Morgan, John Murray, Andrew Purdom, Sean Sanders and Samuel Zyskowski.

Comprising runner-up Rotary – directed by manager Lonnie Oaks and coaches Gary Garcia and Richie Garcia – were Garrett Anken, Andrew Beatty, Samuel Fannucchi, Carlos Hernandez, Ethan Koler, William Lennon, Matthew Norrbom, Colton Petersen, Mason Pierce, Dylan Samaniego, Asher Sutter and Ethan Vitale.


In the American League playoffs, the top-seed Bears, who defeated the fourth-seed Warriors 11-1 in last Tuesday’s opener at Arnold Field, ran into the hot-playing third-seed Lumberjacks.

The Lumberjacks, who beat the second-seed A’s 7-2 in Thursday's opener, remained on their winning roll and upended the Bears 13-6 Friday evening to capture the title.

Comprising the American League playoffs champion Lumberjacks – directed by manager Deborah Stroski and coaches Mike Fanucchi and Jack Hart – were Austin Arrington, Edison Cannard, Oliver Cannard,  Maxx Castellucci, Justin Cox, Samuel Fanucchi, Mathew Hart, Logan Mak, Evan Sandeen, Jadon Summers, Angel Tapia and Tyler Winslow.

The runner-up Bears – directed by manager Craig Hogan and coach Steve Chiotti – consisted of Julian Benthin, Jason Bucher, Sean Buttke, Dominic Chiotti, Quinton Cuellar, Alexander Epstien, Miles Hale, Brendan Hogan, Gavin Koler, Liam O’Driscoll, Noah Thomas and Alexander Trotta.


Sonoma Valley's Babe Ruth baseball recently named their three 2014 all-star teams, who begin Babe Ruth District 2 tournament play the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, July 5 and 6, with Sonoma hosting the 15-year-old all-star tourney at Arnold Field.

The Sonoma 15-year-old all-star squad – directed by manager Kenny Amoroso and coaches John Casey and Ed Hawkins –

consists of Garrett Anken, Noah Cess, Michael Daly, Connor Ebert, Dominic Eliason, William Lennon, Matthew Matulitus, Sean McElroy, Austin Natuzzi, Ryan O’Hara, Shane O’Malley, Andrew Purdom, James Reed, Sean Sanders and Maxwell Yankovich.

Sonoma's 14-year-old all-stars – directed by manager Manny Alcantar and coaches Benny Soto and Kyle Viratos – is comprised of Eric Bailey, Corbin Cook, Henry Darnell, Toby Hilliard, Nazir Lyle, Colton Mertens, Kole Morgan, Wyatt Pomeroy, Dylan Samaniego, Joseph Sangiacomo, Carson Snyder, Asher Sutter, Ethan Vitale, Rocky Wetzel and Samuel Zyskowski.

The Sonoma 13-year-old all-stars – directed by manager Justin Garrett and coaches Mario Alioto and Joe Lunny – consist of

Austin Arrington, Dominic Chiotti, Quinton Cuellar, Samuel Fanucchi, Trent Garrett, Tyler Garrett, Maxwell Handron, Mathew Hart, Brendan Hogan, Jeremy Mackling, Logan Mak, Matthew Norrbom, Denton Shields, Matthew White and Tyler Winslow.