Continuing the annual challenge to earn entrance into the 7:00/7:30 Running Club, another enthusiastic, spirited group of young Valley runners recently qualified for the Sonoma Valley Unified School District elementary school physical education program for fifth-graders, directed by elementary PE teacher Jan Moore.

To qualify for the elite running club, boys have to run the mile in the time of seven minutes or less, and girls need to achieve a time of 7 minutes and 30 seconds or less.

The Valley elementary students who qualified, along with their school and times, include: El Verano School – Jonathan Dagio (6 minutes, 51 seconds), Eduardo Mata (6:54), Abel Vega Resendiz (6:58), Nick Brignoli (7:00), Ennio Dada (6:05), Angel Orona Perez (7:00), Luis Pamatz Sandoval (6:50), Brian Alfaro Pineda (6:57), Liberty Gilliland (7:14), Giovanni Martinez (6:43), and Jasper Ray (6:58); Sassarinni School – Yamil Morales (6:26), Valeria Gutierrez (7:15), and Ty Vanderlinden (6:56); Flowery School – Lucas Llorda (6:32); and Prestwood School – Lliam Goodman (6:43), Camryn Berger (7:30), Lucas Martindale (6:57), Madyson Jones (7:16), and Vivian Cormany (7:19).

All fifth-graders who accomplish the running goal also receive a 7:00/7:30 Club T-shirt and membership in this elite club of runners.

The mile run is part of the California state-mandated physical fitness tests that are administered every spring to students statewide in grades five, seven and nine – with these times considered exemplary for fifth-grade students.