Editor, Index-Tribune:

Lisa Summers takes hundreds of words, a full Op-Ed column and a half, to say that dogs have impacts on nature and wildlife, and therefore should be kept off the Montini Preserve.

However, it’s humans who have impacted, affected and profoundly changed nature to the degree that we have created global warming and global climate change. If Ms. Summers wants to keep Montini land pristine and impenetrable from any outside effects, then she should argue to keep humans off it.

Dogs and humans have a symbiotic relationship that goes back millennia. Surely the City of Sonoma can carve out a reasonably large enough space for a proper dog park, and can accommodate dogs on leashes on the Montini trails, as already exists in myriad such natural places in Sonoma County and elsewhere in California.

As for the poop factor, all the other wildlife on Montini contributes in their natural and unscooped way, and it’s my (unofficial) observation that most dog-owners pick up after their pooches. So let’s lighten up and give our four-leggeds a way to be in their natural habitat. It’s not dogs we have to worry about.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs