Editor, Index-Tribune:

I found Phineas Worthington’s May 30 letter to the editor, “Fascism versus climate change?” absurd on every level. Mr. Worthington’s comments seem to be politically driven, rather than based on scientific fact. The “alternative” to global warming is not global cooling, it’s slower global warming.

Anyway, you don’t get to choose an alternative. Global warming is, unfortunately, a very innocuous sounding term – hinting at generally warmer weather rather than catastrophic climate change. In coming decades, we will be facing mega storms like Katrina and Sandy much more frequently, ever more devastating forest fires, flooding, drought, polar vortices and other weather extremes.

Mr. Worthington’s only argument against addressing the greatest crisis this planet has faced in the last 65 million years is to claim action would require “fascism” (which he seems to think is an antonym for freedom).

Well, fascism certainly is a great buzzword, but is utterly meaningless in this context. It is most unfortunate that members of the fossil fuel industry have succeeded in politicizing the issue with misleading information, and Mr. Worthington seems to be one of those taken in by that.

Peter Wellington

Boyes Hot Springs