Summer camp starts; don’t leave dogs in cars

Greetings Sonoma! Ahhh, summer is upon us and I like it! Our ninth annual Kids Summer Camp starts June 9, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now. It is filling up quickly and is one of the more popular camps in town.

We have Lynette Lyon who will join us at camp every Wednesday with her collection of amazing rescue animals. You will see fenic foxes, servil cats, baby alligators, hedgehogs and more.

We have been experiencing some really hot days lately, so here’s a reminder to not leave your dog in the car even for a few minutes. The interior of your car heats up exponentially in proportion to the outside temperature even with your windows open.

When it’s 75 degrees outside, it’s 95 inside the car, 77 is 103 inside the car, 85 is 130 in the car ... well, you get the picture.

I’m a new dog owner myself, so this is something I have to keep in mind as well. No quick stops to the grocery store when the dogs in the car if it’s over 80 degrees. Perhaps it will motivate me to be more organized when I shop.

Kitten season has officially started and just last week, we got in more than 10 kittens with more on the way. They are all too young for adoption yet, but if you are interested in fostering, please go to petslifeline.org, click on “volunteer” and fill out a volunteer application. Our next foster orientation is June 21 and if the next few weeks are anything like last year, we will be needing additional foster families for July, August and September.

We have a Spring Fling special on all adult cats at $10 each through June 21 so you don’t have to wait for a kitten. We have some lovely cats and kitteens for adoption.

Please come meet these adorable adoptables; Dharma, Lulu Bell, Peepers, Pyewacket, Gardenia, MamaSara, and more.

They are all waiting for their forever homes, so don’t wait, adopt a shelter cat today. And if you don’t find that chemistry with a cat at our shelter, go to adoptlocalsonoma.org and see the other resources in the county to adopt. We are all part of the Adopt Local program and want to see all animals find their forever home, no matter what shelter they came from.

We have some amazing dogs right now who are so special. In the little dog category, there is Travis and Hunter, two very small fawn colored chi mixes; Millie a tiny min pin looking chi mix, Blanca a white and red medium size chihuahua and Genghis, an older gray Pekingese. In the medium size department, there is Calvin, a black cocker/cavalier mix, Macho who is a blond mini lab-looking sweetie and Chip, the supersized Boston terrier. And then there is Cassie (formerly Bessie), our beautiful black lab/boxer mix that we are still holding out hope her human finds her soon. Is that you? Give us a call, we’ll tell you all about her.

So, moms ... don’t forget to sign your kids up for camp right away. We’ll see you soon.

Peace, love and paws.