Last month, Altimira Middle School selected eighth-graders Kohana Bowman and Eliza Neeley as its Students of the Year.

Kohana Bowman came to Altimira from Sassarini Elementary School. Over the past three years, she maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA in all of her classes. This year, her academic load includes geometry, accelerated language arts and accelerated science. She has also been an editor of the yearbook and, for two years in a row, she has been one of Altimira’s representatives to the County Science Fair.

Bowman is described as “having a mature focus far beyond her years, and as unassumingly striving towards excellence.” In her spare time, Bowman enjoys playing the piano, drawing and reading. She is looking forward to attending Sonoma Valley High School next year.

Student of the Year Eliza Neeley came to Altimira from El Verano Elementary School. During her three years at Altimira, she has maintained a 3.95 cumulative GPA in all of her classes. This year, her academic load includes geometry, advanced language arts and accelerated science. She is an editor of the Altimira yearbook, a member of Altimira’s championship volleyball team and has won almost every spirit contest that has taken place during the last three years. In March, Neeley took part in the Sonoma County Science Fair, where she received a first place ribbon and became the first district student to go to the California State Science Fair.

Neeley is described as one of those people who can be a regular kid one minute and then is able to excel at anything and everything she sets her mind to. In her spare time, she participates in swimming and track and enjoys crafts, reading, writing and photography. Neeley is excited to move on to Sonoma Valley High and perhaps pursue a career in graphic design.

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This is the seventh in a series profiling each Student of the Year honored in Sonoma.